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J. A. Finnerty
9. July, 2021.
Wonderfully written and engaging history of one on England’s most famous cities Superb. Have bought quite a few copies now for friends and family. Written in an engaging and entertaining way. Make Morris Oxford’s writing style and accounts of Oxford’s history a delight and complete pleasure to read
jack d kettle
4. July, 2021.
Stories of Oxford Great little book full of information about Oxford. Written with clarity and wit. Even someone familiar with Oxford will learn something and be entertained.
20. May, 2021.
A vast sweep of time and events in a small book I loved this little book. It carries the reader through the centuries and gives a surprising amount of information about the fair city of Oxford. It is a great gift for anyone wanting to know about Oxford's place in history, whether tourist or town-dweller.
Mr. W. King
3. May, 2021.
Most interesting Tiny book packed with information. Really interesting and easy to carry in your pocket for quick reference.
Peter J Baker
29. April, 2021.
Oxford in an elegant nutshell. A superb mini history of Oxford, beautifully written and informative.
20. April, 2021.
The perfect book for anyone who wants to know more about Oxford and its wider history. The perfect book for anyone who wants to know more about Oxford and its history by a writer who, in his gentle and subtle way, manages to integrate the wider history with that of Oxford itself. There was scarcely a page at which I didn't break into a silent smile of recognition, or re-cognition, about a major historical event or a famous name. or something I should have known but didn't. It's all there: from King Alfred the Great (born nearby in Wantage) and Chaucer's 'Clerk of Oxenford' to the Civil War when Oxford became headquarters to King Charles, the Sheldonian (architect: young Christopher Wren) through to Cardinal (now Saint) John Henry Newman and thence to the original 'Morris Oxford'. As Lord Reith would have said, approvingly: this is a book that, throughout, manages to “educate, inform and entertain”.
Artless Reader
18. April, 2021.
Oxford Revisited This concise and engagingly written short history of Oxford adroitly combines anecdote and authority. An ideal introduction for first-time visitors – or for residents who want to discover intriguing aspects of the city that are hidden in plain sight.The companion website (search for ‘morrisoxford stories’) is packed with fascinating miscellanea, snippets and observations on Oxford, all illustrated with gorgeous photos.
Sue F.
18. April, 2021.
A gem! A great little book, very informative and beautifully written, with many little-known but interesting facts about Oxford.
18. April, 2021.
What a great little history of Oxford! Beautifully written, with historical fact and quirky anecdote seamlessly woven together. I was thoroughly entertained and learnt so much about this fair city, its buildings and special places. The perfect companion guide for any tourist and a must read for residents!
Amazon Customer
17. April, 2021.
The Best Mini History of Any City This is a great book. It told me many things about the city that I have lived in for 25 years and is beautifully written.

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