And so the world turns, the days begin to lengthen, and the door creaks open
towards a new year …

21 2 - A Solstice Recount

Talking of doors, several dedicated readers of Morris Oxford were puzzled that the recent Counting Down post didn’t have the door numbers arranged in descending – or even ascending – order. Why not? Was it code? A feeble attempt at a Christmas conundrum? Or simply confirmation of our arithmetical incompetence?

We are pleased to report that there is an explanation. The Morris Oxford site utilises a gallery ‘plug-in’ called Envira which has the ability to display the doors in a random sequence. This means that every time you refresh the Counting Down page (and indeed the Home Page) the gallery of images automatically rearranges itself. Do try. It’s a wholesome alternative to family board games and almost as mesmeric as the Queen’s Speech.

Solstice Salutations one and all!